Ministry Training Opportunities

All around the United States marriage and family are under attack. Many marriages don’t make it simply because there is no one to coach them through to victory. If you are born-again, Spirit-filled, have a solid marriage and would like to become a Coaching Couple, we will provide the training and support you need. So many marriages are hanging in the balance.

The battle for marriage and family is raging.

Watch “Time for War” video.

Training Options

You can train at a Coaches’ Training Camp

We can tailor training to your schedule and needs. Periodically Coaches’ Training Camps are held across the US. You will be equipped to teach 2=1 courses in your own home. When you have completed this training, you can become a 2=1 Coaching Couple.

Or you can train as Coaches in Training

Instead of attending a Training Camp, a Coaching Couple can train you during a course. 

If you would prefer to train this way, complete the Leadership Application and have someone who knows you well complete the Character Reference 

Have the person filling out your Character Reference click here to complete it online.