Our Courses

It begins with marriage preparation …

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One for Life is our premarital course designed for first-time marriages. 

One for Life begins by focussing on individual healing and growth. Marriage should begin on a solid foundation of personal wholeness. The course then takes you on a journey of discovery and preparation for the most important relationship of their lives—marriage. Your coaching couple, along with the local 2=1 team, is then available to help you face the challenges and changes of your first year of marriage.

Then it is time to Discover the Power…

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Married for Life helps couples discover God’s plan for marriage and how to maximize their life together. Coaching couples not only teach principles that make a marriage last, but also transparently model from their own lives the process of God working with them.

Couples who complete Married for Life have a clearer understanding of God’s plan and purpose for their marriage and are equipped to step out and fulfill that purpose. Marriage was not given for our own fulfillment only, but so that we might discover the power of God to be a strong team together.

And for dads and moms…

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Parents for Life helps couples discover God’s plan for husband and wife to work together nurturing and developing the children He sends to them. Coaching couples, who are parents themselves, help couples learn to walk in the power of parenting God’s way.

This course not only brings healing and growth to children, but also helps parents walk through their own healing and growth from wounds of their childhoods and to know how to seek forgiveness for shortcoming and be released from wrong patterns or guilt. Parents for Life brings healing to the generations through God’s power working in the relationship of husband and wife.

Who is the course for? It is relevant from pregnancy all the way up to adulthood. Parents are parents for life and the course is designed to equip you as you walk through each stage from birth all the way through to release.

What you can expect…

  • Coaching Couples who face the same challenges you do and have found answers that make a difference. 
  • Materials rich in what God’s says, not people’s opinions.
  • Help and encouragement but not “spoon feeding”.
  • A new understanding and appreciation for marriage and family.
  • A life filled with purpose and fulfillment for you as a couple and as parents and grandparents
  • Great joy fills your hearts seeing couples transformed

What will be expected of you…

  • A willingness to commit time and energy
  • A desire to find and fulfill the purpose of God in your life as a couple.
  • A desire to do what it takes to makes changes and grow.