You can register online, but you must have a Class ID number that can be obtained from the Coaching Couple leading your class.

If you want to attend a class but are not in contact with a Coaching Couple, please contact us at the home office by phone (303-933-3331) or e-mail (us-info@2equal1.com). 

Change takes time. There are no shortcuts to developing new ways of interacting as a couple. The principles of the Word of God show us how God intends for marriage to be, but it takes effort on our part to learn how to walk in those principles. Today our society is fast-paced and everyone is looking for quick answers. Real change in relationship, though, takes time and requires a consistent redirection. Twelve weeks is really rather short when you consider that marriage is to last a lifetime.

We do offer weekend experiences for couples. U2R1 offers couples an opportunity to discover how God uniquely created each spouse and how to flow together powerfully. 


 Every married couple can benefit from a Married for Life class. Whether your marriage is near divorce, struggling, or doing great, God has something for you. Every marriage has challenges, some small and some very serious. If you have found your marriage to be stressful, having little or no communication, or maybe experiencing challenges to intimacy, there is hope. Married for Life addresses these and many other issues that effect marriages in today’s society. Not only will you receive help for areas of challenge, but you will also discover the unity, power, and purpose God designed for marriage.

God designed parenting to include two parents, father and mother. Seldom, though, are we taught how to parent together according to God’s design. Parents for Life is designed to do just that. No matter what age your children are, it is never too late to learn to parent together.

The first step to joining a 2=1 class is to register. After each class concludes, a special Graduation Night is held where couples share what has happened in their marriages. You can attend a graduation and pre-register then.

There are three ways to attend a class. 

• An In-home class in which a maximum of 7 couples meet in a Coach’s Home in your area. 

• An all Internet class in which couples meet through a Video Conferencing Program. One of the exciting things about the Internet groups is that you will meet couples from other States and sometimes other countries. 

• The third type of class is a combination of some couples meeting in the Coach’s home and others joining by Internet. 

Yes, you will receive a manual that accompanies the twelve lessons. The cost of the manual is included in your registration fee. For MFL Video Classes, you may not receive manual.

Online classes are conducted through Zoom. You will need to download it to your computer.

Zoom works on both PC and Mac. Here are the minimum requirements to run Zoom.PC

System Requirements:

  • Pentium 4 1Ghz with 256MB of RAM
  • 20MB Hard disk space
  • Webcam
  • Broadband connection (Cable, DSL etc..)
  • Microsoft Windows  7, 8, 10 or newer


System Requirements:

  • Power Mac G5 (1GHz) or Intel Mac with 256MB of RAM
  • 20MB hard disk space
  • Mac-compatible Webcam
  • Broadband connection
  • Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard (OSX 10.4 or newer)  


There are thousands of Coaches around the world seeing God use them to strengthen marriages in their countries and in their languages. God equips the called He doesn’t always call the equipped. 2=1 Coaches come from many denominations which encompass many churches. We are an Army of couples that the Lord is raising to see His plan come to pass in couple’s lives. Our Coaches have come from many different backgrounds and circumstances. Some have had very serious trouble in their marriage and have seen God heal them and have gone on to see others healed because of there willingness to share with them. Others have always had good marriages and can impart that blessing to others.

If you are feeling the call of God to minister to marriages we can help. Click here if you are interested in Leadership.