This section is dedicated to you,  leaders of leaders, You are the heart of this ministry. These pages are designed to help you as you develop your team of Coaching Couples. Here you will find training materials, forms and other important tools, and information about the ministry that is relevant to you as leaders. New developments and vital updates will be posted in this area.

The Team Leader logo represents the heart of the Team Leader. The team is the focal point and therefore is larger and more visible than the leaders. The team is strong and solid.

The Team Leaders are out front but the transparency in their lives lets people see the team through them. They are the leaders, but they do not overwhelm the team. They lead in the confidence that God has called and anointed them to develop other valuable members of His army. They trust in Him and rest in His ability.


This section is developed especially for 2=1 Team Leaders.

Here you will find articles, tools, and resources designed for you. You can order materials for your classes, find important forms you need, and valuable help (including tech assistance) for reaching your goals as leaders in 2=1 US.

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